Step By Step Guide For Hiring Quality Movers

Step By Step Guide For Hiring Quality Movers

Jun 23, 2022

Your household belongings, both large and small ones, are precious. It is good to pack and relocate everything in a damage-free condition. DIY moves can be stressful and risky. Most people either have a physical injury or severe damage while lifting large and heavy items.

If you are relocating home for the first time, do your proper research and plan things accordingly. According to the ABS stats, around 368,700 people moved interstate in 2020. The majority of people have hired professional Removalists Adelaide for the utmost safety of their possessions.

You can also hire professionals for the transition of your household belongings. However, with hundreds of moving companies on the market, choose the most reliable option carefully. Do proper research, discover more about the shortlisted companies and make a well-informed decision. This will keep you away from scams and shoddy practices during home relocation.

Here is a complete guide to help you hire quality movers in Adelaide with ease:

1. Know Your Specific Moving Needs

The first step is to know your moving needs and the type of service for your belongings’ safe and sound removals. There are two different types of moving solutions, such as:

  • Local moves
  • Interstate moves

If you are moving within Adelaide, look for movers specialising in local removals. And if you are relocating across a new state, choose a company with at least 5 years of experience in interstate or long-distance moves.

2. Consider References or Recommendations

Household belongings like mirrors, a microwave, antique items, etc need special care and attention during the lifting and moving process. Instead of hiring any random company, you can contact your relatives and friends who have recently outsourced a professional moving service in Adelaide.

Always remember that a first-hand experience is reliable and trustworthy. Your friends and relatives can help you find the best company you are searching for! Clear all your doubts by asking relevant questions about the company.  This can help you deal with moving stress and anxiety, particularly when you are doing it for the first time.

Consider their insights, advice and warnings related to different companies while making your decision.

3. Double-Check Your Options

Whether you got trusted recommendations or not, leverage the benefits of the internet technology and go an extra mile do to more research. You can read online reviews to know more about reliable removalists in Adelaide. You can also visit their official websites, check their services, etc.

Do check the credentials and ensure you are dealing with an Adelaide removalists broker. You can also check the contact information. This will help you avoid moving scams.

Tip: Read all customer reviews, especially genuine ones, to get a proper idea about the company.

4. Shortlist and Interview Movers

It is good to contact shortlisted removals service providers via e-mail or phone call. Asking relevant questions will give you peace of mind that you are handing over your belonging to a trusted company.

Make sure their customer support team communicates in a polite, friendly and professional manner. Plus, they should respond to your inquiry quickly. Avoid hiring professionals if they are making excuses or taking a lot of time.

5. Compare Quotes of Different Companies

It is important to ask at least five to six companies to provide you with a no-obligation written quote if you are moving to a new place. Movers who refuse to send their representatives to your home and offer quotes only over the call do not hire them.

Most experienced companies offer on-site estimations for free so that you can make the final decision accordingly. They will confirm the price after evaluating the total weight of belongings and moving distance.

Quick Tip: Compare different quotes and choose the most affordable option for your moving journey.

6. Negotiate Each and Every Detail

Remember that customer care representatives give you detailed information and notify you of everything about the inclusions and exclusions related to moving services.

Make sure they know the entire moving shipment and find out whether they will provide packing supplies and at what price. You can also discover whether a quality packing service is included in the moving service. If not, then know the pricing for more clarity.

Do not forget to ask about how your precious items will be handled and if proper measures will be taken to prevent injuries and property damage. It is important to know how they protect walls and floors while relocating large items, especially when moving out of a rental property.

7. Ask about Extra Fees

Are your removalists charging extras for transiting boxes to the third floor? Is your street too narrow to fit a large-size truck? Many movers add extra charges when extra labour or energy is required. So, do ask about extra fees and save yourself from paying the unnecessary amount.

8. Check Moving Insurance

Do not forget to ask about the type of moving insurance they offer. Usually, removalists are expected to assume liability for the items they relocate. Still, there are certain protection options available in the market, such as released value protection and full value protection.

Under the second type of moving insurance, your company has to repair or replace the damaged or lost items. You can also look for third-party insurance options and vehicle insurance for the utmost safety of your valuable items and personal vehicle, such as car and bike while relocating.


This guide will certainly help you choose the best removalists Adelaide when you are moving your precious household belongings. You can do proper research to avoid moving scams and keep your items intact throughout the process.