The Best Storage Boxes and Bins for Your Next Move

The Best Storage Boxes and Bins for Your Next Move

Jun 25, 2021

Cardboard boxes are widely used for relocation purpose because they are ideal for packing, easily available and cheap. However, they are not appropriate to carry heavy items and not suitable when it’s raining. They also end up in the landfill and release harmful methane gas into the environment. So, you need a better alternative to make moving easier and protect the environment.

If you are looking for an option, choose storage boxes and plastic bins. Different types of boxes are available in the market so you can choose as per your requirement. These boxes are ideal for moving your valuables. If you need a few storage boxes, then you can purchase and use them. However, if you need a lot of containers, it is advisable to rent them from a shop or moving company and return after the move.

To avoid all these hassles and stress, you can simply hire professional removalists in Adelaide and let them know how many storage boxes you need. But before you purchase or rent the boxes, you should understand their utility and estimate the total number accordingly. Here is a list of the best storage boxes and bins for your next move.

Clothes Storage Bags

These bags are ideal for moving soft items like your bed sheets, blankets, and other closet essentials. It has a double zipper closure that gives the bag two-way access. These bags also have a see-through window at the front side, so you don’t need to open it to see what you have already packed. You can also use storage bags for moving clothes, towels, comforters, and pillows to your new home. These bags are excellent for moving because they are durable and come with three-layer waterproof fabric.

Stack & Pull Box

These storage bins are particularly designed for an extensive range of small items in different rooms. The boxes are ideal for keeping your shoes, accessories of your closet, office supplies, craft supplies and other similar things. These boxes come with buckle up latches and a handle. You can place them inside your closet keep your thing in an organised manner. The bins are available in various size, so you can choose as per your need. Moreover, the semi-opaque covering gives you an idea about the things inside the box while also maintaining some privacy.

Roughneck Storage box

These storage boxes are perfect for the relocation process because they designed to tolerate a lot of pressure and all kinds of temperature and weather. You can move an extensive range of items in these boxes, such as seasonal or holiday items, non-perishable food, tools, sports equipment and so on. After completing the move, you can simply keep these boxes in your garage, basement or other similar places. If you are hiring the best removalists in Adelaide, ask them whether they have these storage boxes or not. It is one of the key questions to ask from a removal company.

Plastic Storage Box with Latches

These storage boxes are also essential for your next move. Use them to move items that are in your attic, closet and other storage space. The clear sides and base of the box will allow you to see and find the items easily, which minimises the hassles and saves time. Lifting the lid of the box is extremely easy even with one hand because it comes with latches. From clothing, linens, and towels to seasonal decor and bulky items, you can store anything in this box.

Storage Box with Wheels

This type of box is available in various sizes, so it becomes easier for you to get a suitable size. It is perfect for storing and relocating heavy supplies like tools and equipment. The durable construction of the container, its large wheels and sturdy handle protect the items inside the box during the loading process and jerking during transportation. This box comes with keyholes, so you can easily tie them down to the moving truck when you transport them. After completing the relocation, you can use the boxes to store whatever you want.

Under bed Storage Bins

These storage bins come with a slim design and wheels, so you can easily roll the box right under the bed and take them out again whenever you need them. You can store bed sheets, blankets, linens and even clothes in these boxes. The clear bins also have snap latching closures that keep the lids properly close. It also has hidden handles that make the boxes easy to transport from one place to another. So, the next time you move, make sure you have these bins.

Lockable Storage Bins

These bins are particularly built for rigorous transport and available in various sizes. From camping supplies and sports equipment to a tool chest and other miscellaneous items, this excellent container can keep everything in an organised manner. That is why lockable storage bins are appropriate for your next move as well as daily use. The safety of your belongings during the relocation can be very stressful. However, you can manage your stress in the best possible by storing your valuable in lockable storage bins.

The Bottom Line

Purchasing or renting storage boxes and plastic bins increase the moving budget a lot. Therefore you should also consider using cardboard boxes. Make sure that you use the storage boxes to keep your valuables and things that are vulnerable to bad weather. Whether you opt for a DIY move or hire a best removals company in Adelaide, storage boxes and bins are always easier to load, unload and transport. As a result, you will experience a stress-free relocation.