The Complete Checklist For Moving With Kids

The Complete Checklist For Moving With Kids

Apr 13, 2021

Whether you are moving to a different state, city or a nearby suburb, relocation is a challenge in itself. From decluttering your home and packing things to utility transfer and dealing with landlords, you have to handle various responsibilities simultaneously. Adding kids to this mix can make the process way more complex.

You not only have to take care of the preparations but also ensure that your kids are doing fine. As you are uprooting your kids from their school, home, and friends, it can be a stressful time for them. Therefore, the kids need your constant support throughout the process.

Parents usually find it difficult to create a balance between the moving process and taking care of the kids. Therefore, it is advisable to hire experienced removalists in Adelaide. The experts ensure the safety of the valuables and save you from a lot of hassles and mental stress.

So, it will become a lot easier for you to move with your kids. Apart from hiring professionals, there are also some important tasks that you need to do at the right time. Therefore, it is essential to follow a checklist.

Here is a complete checklist for moving with kids. It will help you to relocate smoothly.

7 to 8 Weeks before you Move

When you are relocating with your kids, you need to start your preparation as early as possible. With so many things to focus on, you should ideally start 7 to 8 weeks before you move. Include the following task in your checklist.

Talk to your kids: Inform your kids about the relocation and make sure they are not angry or sad.

Notify the school officials: You also need to inform the old school about the relocation so they can start preparing the essential documents.

Look for professionals: Start looking for a reputed moving company in Adelaide. Get referrals from friends and read online reviews.

Downsize kid’s belongings: Get rid of excess clothes and toys of your kids to make the packing easier.

3 to 4 Weeks before you Move

It is the most important phase of your preparations because you need to perform the most important tasks. Include the following tasks in your checklist to make sure that you do not skip anything important.

Book professionals: Once you are done with your research, book the best removalists in Adelaide and inform them about the moving day.

Start the packing: Pack your kids items but start with things that are not used regularly.

Collect essential documents: Whether it is medical reports, prescriptions or school documents, collect all the paperwork and pack them properly.

Visit the new school: Plan a tour of the new school with your kids and visit the principal and a few teachers. It will give confidence to your kids.

Look for a baby sitter: You will get busy on a moving day, so book a baby sitter to take care of the kids for the day.

Last week before you Move

The majority of your packing and other important tasks should be finished by this time. It is time to focus on those tasks that may seem not so important, but they will help you and the kids to settle down smoothly in your house.

Make sure kids are fine: Talk to your kids and make sure that they are not stressed out due to the move.

Purchase essential things: You should purchase snacks and other items to stock up for the first few days after the relocation.

Pack moving day kit for kids: It is essential to pack a moving day kit that will have all the medicines, extra pair of clothes, food items, favourite toys, etc.

Pack remaining stuff: One day before you move, pack all the remaining and important stuff of your kids.

Moving Day

Your relocation day can be very hectic for you and the kids. So you need to make sure that you relocate with your kids and belongings as smoothly and safely as possible. Include the following task in your list to carry out the task as perfectly as possible.

Keep your kids Safe: Hire a baby sitter to take care of your kids. Make sure they remain in one room during the loading of your heavy belongings.

Pack food for the kids: Make sandwiches or keep fruits in your bag. Your kids can eat them on the move.

Post Moving

After reaching your new home, you should focus on your kids because they need your support to settle down in an unfamiliar place. There are a few things you can do to help your kids after the move.

Unpack your kids’ room: The first thing you need to do is to unpack your kid’s stuff and set up the room.

Meet the neighbours: Do not forget to meet the neighbours so that the kids can interact with other children.

Visit nearby places: Explore the nearby places like playground, market and restaurants, so the kids get familiar with the place.

Final Thoughts

When you are moving with the kids, the relocation process can become more challenging. However, you can make the task a little easier for you and your kids by following the checklists mentioned above. It will help you streamline the entire procedure so you do not miss any vital task. When you are moving with kids, following a checklist is as important as hiring a reliable removals company in Adelaide.