The Things A Perfect Moving To Do List Should Have

The Things A Perfect Moving To Do List Should Have

Mar 25, 2022 Moving to a new place is exciting, but it is also one of the most stressful events you can come across. You have to simultaneously deal with several responsibilities like packing, address change, transfer utilities, etc., making this process overwhelming. That is why a relocation requires a lot of planning and timely execution. People experience chaos on a moving day because of the lack of planning. If you want to carry out the process smoothly, you must follow a to-do list. It will help you keep track of all the preparation, and as a result, you will not get frustrated or confused. Many people prefer to hire professional removalists Adelaide to relocate in a hassle-free manner, and it is an excellent option. Apart from it, there are many more things that you need to do. Read on to know more about the things a perfect moving to-do list should have.

8 Weeks before Moving

You should start your preparation at least two months before moving. Start with the task that requires maximum time. • If you want to hire a reliable removals company in Adelaide, start your research. • Prepare a detailed relocation budget to avoid any unpleasant financial surprises. Include all the major and minor expenses in it. • If you are relocating with a family, it is the right time to research about the schools and finalise one. Also, know how to move schools when moving house. • Talk to your kids about your decision to relocate. It will prepare them mentally. • If you are moving out of a rental property, give notice to your landlord.

7 Weeks before Moving

In the next phase, you need to focus on what you cannot leave for the last minute. • Once you have finalised a genuine removals company in Adelaide, book them for the moving day. • If you are planning a DIY move, inform your friends and family. Let them know you will need their help. • It is also the right time to book a rental truck when moving on your own.

6 Weeks before Moving

During this time of preparation, focus on things that will help you to carry out the entire process without stress or confusion. • Remind the seasoned Adelaide removalistsabout the relocation day and date. • Make arrangements for all the supplies – packing materials, cardboard boxes, etc. • If you cannot move all your belonging to your new home, you need a storage unit.

5 Weeks before Moving

It is the most important phase of the preparation to you need to focus on the most crucial responsibilities. • Organise a garage sale to get rid of the excess items you have. • Once you have sorted out your items, prepare an inventory list. • It is the right time to forward your request to transfer utilities. • Also, make sure that you change your address

4 Weeks before Moving

When you are only a month away, start the packing and make arrangements for the moving day. • Start packing all your belongings – Electronics, clothes, decorative items, books, etc. • Make sure that you dispose of all the hazardous items like pesticides, car batteries, etc. • Hire a babysitter to keep kids safe on the relocation day. It is one of the best tips to make moving with kids easier.

3 Weeks before Moving

You need to perform the crucial tasks people often overlook and ultimately forget during this time. • Pack all the important documents like medical bills, property papers, tax and investment-related documents. • Visit the new place with your family and explore the surroundings, new school, playground, etc.

2 Weeks before Moving

When you are only two weeks away from the relocation day, perform the tasks that will make your big day easier and safer. • You should take your child to a paediatrician and take prescriptions, medicines and other important advice. • Take your pet to the vet to get any pending vaccines. • If you are relocating on your own, know about the route. It will help you a lot on moving day.

1 Week before Moving

By this time, you must complete all the major and time-consuming tasks. It’s time to concentrate on the house that you are leaving. • It is time to clean the old house. If it is a rental house, you to get back bond money. Otherwise, you will get the best price for the property. • Also pack the important kitchenware and essentials you were using until the day.

Day before Moving

It is time to wrap up the preparation. Make sure that you have packed everything and you are entirely ready to move. • Pack a moving day kit with all the essentials like medicines, chargers, extra pair of clothes, snacks, box cutter, etc. • Do not forget to put labels on all the boxes. It will help you during the unpacking process. • Make sure you defrost and pack your refrigerator at the last moment.

Moving day

The most important day of the relocation process can be stressful. To manage the moving stress, start your day early and carry out the following task perfectly. • Thoroughly scan your house to make sure that everything is packed. • Pack the left behind items in the bathroom like toiletries, toothbrushes, etc. • Coordinate with the professionals and make sure they have the right address.


The relocation process doesn’t have to be stressful if you make your plans correctly and follow the right approach. So, whenever you decide to relocate, follow the perfect moving to-do list mentioned above. Whether you hire certified removalists in Adelaide or choose to follow a DIY move, this moving to-do list will help you to accomplish the relocation in a hassle-free manner.