The Ultimate Moving-In Checklist for Renters

The Ultimate Moving-In Checklist for Renters

Apr 22, 2021

Moving is a common activity for renters, but no matter how many times you move, the process never gets easy. Most people living in rented properties face several challenges end of a tenancy because a variety of tasks need to be completed within a stipulated time.

Additionally, renters go through housing stress as several families in South Australia pay more than 30% of their household income for renting or mortgage. Therefore as a lessee planning a move, your goal should be to lower your burden and manage the process without any hassle. You can seek the assistance of professional removalists in Adelaide for packing, handling and moving your belongings. Plus, it would help to streamline your tasks, for which here is the ultimate moving-in checklist for renters.

Reread Your Lease Agreement

Before you plan for moving into a new home, you need to move out of your current one successfully, and for that, rereading the lease agreement is necessary. It will help confirm the notice period and understand your responsibilities better to end the tenancy. These responsibilities may include having no pending rent, cleaning the property for final inspection, ensuring the property is not damaged etc.

Inspect the Original Condition Report

To return the property in the same state it was in at the time of occupancy, you should inspect the original condition report. Refer to the photos and videos to know if any repairs need to be done, plus for what tasks you would require the assistance of professional cleaners.

Look for Houses/Unit

Don’t wait until the last month of your tenancy to find a new home, as the search takes time. Therefore, start looking for a new property for rent or lease in Adelaide at least a few months before you have to move out. Find a residence within your budget, close to your office, well-connected to the city, etc.

Inspect Properties

To choose a suitable residence, always inspect all the properties you have selected physically. Analyse them for structural integrity, design, space, and comfort. Take pictures and compare the pros and cons of properties you have visited to make an informed decision and find your new home.

Inquire About the Bond

The maximum bond a landlord can tale for a lease agreement is up to four weeks of rent if the weekly rent is $250 or less, and if the rent is higher, then the bond can be up to six weeks of rent. Therefore, it is best to inquire how much bond you have to pay while signing the rental agreement.

Confirm Your New Residence

In addition to fulfilling your responsibilities for moving out of your current rental property, make sure your new lease agreement is signed, and you can move into your new home on a set date. Confirming your new residence will help you look for the right removalists in Adelaide to transport your belongings and plan your moving budget.

Empty the Property

After completing necessary obligations as a tenant, take the assistance of professional removalists in Adelaide to load and move your property contents to the new home. Make sure the property is empty before you have hand over the keys of the house/unit to your landlord.

Get End of Lease Cleaning Done

End of lease cleaning is done when the tenants moves out, but the booking for the activity is completed in advance. Thus, after emptying the property, ensure your booked end of lease cleaners in Adelaide arrive the next day and deep clean the real estate. This activity is essential to receive a complete bond repayment if you paid a security deposit at the start of your tenancy.

Get the Original Condition Report and Ensure Your Bond is Lodged

When tenants pay the bond, the landlord shares the original condition report that the lessee can edit in case any damages, wear, tear etc., are not mentioned. Inspect the report before moving in and keep a copy of it to refer to at the end of a tenancy.

Furthermore, ensure your bond is lodged with the Consumer and Business Services (CBS) by your landlord after payment. The landlord has two weeks within which he/she has to lodge the bond.

Unpack Boxes Room by Room

Upon arrival at the new residence, make sure you unpack the contents of important rooms like bedrooms, kitchen, and bathroom first. It would help you settle in faster and enable every family member to be comfortable. Once you have settled and rested, you can proceed to unpack the contents of other rooms and start decorating your home as per preference.

Change/Update Your Address

Within a week of moving into your new house/unit, change or update your address at banks, government authorities, Australian post, library, etc. Additionally, if you have subscriptions for physical goods like cosmetics, food, magazines or others, then do this activity before moving in to ensure the products get delivered to the right address.

The Bottom Line

Moving is one of the most stressful and challenging activities renters have to perform. The process never gets easy, even if you have moved multiple times. However, hiring professional removalists in Adelaide is beneficial as it reduces your stress and hassle. Also, follow this ultimate moving-in checklist to settle in your new home easily and quickly.