Tips For Making Your Short Distance Move Easier

Tips For Making Your Short Distance Move Easier

Nov 12, 2020

Are you planning to move to a beautiful house in a suburb of Adelaide? Or your new residence is within the city and closer to your current one? Whichever the case, people often think moving short distance is faster, easier, and less stressful.

On the contrary, moving is always challenging and overwhelming, whether the distance is long or short. Even if someone is moving down a street, he/she still has to pack and move everything while completing a host of other moving-related work and formalities. The best solution is to hire professional removalists in Adelaide to manage your move out in time, and without loss or damage of belongings.

However, you still have responsibilities to fulfil even with assistance from experienced removalists in Adelaide. To help you relocate successfully, here are expert tips for making your short distance move easier and comfortable.

Reduce Your Packing and Moving Load

Decluttering is a crucial moving-related activity everyone should perform to lighten the packing and moving load for removalists. Imagine what would be easier to move – one box or two boxes? Thus, start by removing duplicates or excessive items such as utensils, clothes, home décor, etc. For example, if you have four spatulas for the same purpose, keep two which you frequently use or get rid of the old ones.

Additionally, declutter your house to discard broken or obsolete things and items you haven’t used for over six months. Also, get rid of things you don’t use at least once a year. If you have items in good condition but not required at the new home, then donate them to a local charity in Adelaide or resell them.

Create a Moving Checklist

Professional removalists in Adelaide follow a checklist to ensure everything is packed and moved in the right order and nothing goes amiss. Streamline your work like professionals by creating a moving checklist. Write the tasks you need to do for a successful relocation, assign ownership to these tasks, and set deadlines for timely completion.

You can use MS Excel, mobile applications, or pen & paper to create your list. Please share it with everyone involved in the process to let them know their responsibilities and the deadlines for the tasks assigned to each member.

Use Packing Boxes Sustainably

Plenty of cardboard and paper waste is produced across the country which ends in landfills and is not recycled. Thus, make sure you use packing boxes sustainably by following these tips.

• Use original boxes and packing of household items if you can find them.
• Borrow packing boxes in good condition from near and dear ones to reuse them.
• If you are buying boxes, make sure they are recyclable and can be reused multiple times.
• Dispose of worn boxes responsibly by giving them to a waste and recycling centre.

Don’t Procrastinate Packing

It is one of the most time-consuming activities as a variety of things need to be packed securely using different kinds of supplies. Putting this task off is neither responsible nor recommended as it can cause unnecessary delays.

If you haven’t booked professional removalists in Adelaide to pack your household contents, then start the process at least six weeks before the moving date. Your prime goal should be to have everything ready for loading and transportation a day or two before the moving day.

Send Kids and Pets Away

Moving with kids and pets can be difficult as their routine gets disrupted, and the risk of sustaining injuries is increased. Arrange for your kids and pets to be with someone trusted for a few days before and after moving. It is a practical solution as they won’t be subjected to the stress and chaos of the moving day, and the professionals can load/unload things without hindrances.

Get New Things after Moving

Don’t get new furniture or home décor items for the new house before moving in, as your packing and transportation load will increase. You should only move with things you need to settle in the new house comfortably. Additionally, once you are in the new house, it will be easier to get things according to requirement and get them delivered directly.

Take Help from Relatives and Friends

When moving a short distance, it is easier for your near and dear ones to help you. They can travel to the new house with you, help unpack, and assist in the completion of a variety of other tasks. What’s more, while you run errands and get things done at the new house, they can look after your kids and pets.


Moving is physically and mentally exhausting irrespective of long or short distance. You have to take the assistance of professional removalists in Adelaide, and race against time to complete a variety of tasks simultaneously. Thus, if you are moving short distance, these tips will help you manage your move successfully and get through the moving process comfortably.