Tips For Setting Up Your Home Office When Moving

Tips For Setting Up Your Home Office When Moving

Nov 23, 2022

Having a home office was a choice for many, but the COVID-19 pandemic made it a necessity as more than 2.5 million employed people in Australia worked from home in 2021.

Even in 2022, when there are little to no pandemic-related restrictions, many people choose to work remotely. If you are among them, setting up your home office during a house move is vital. A home office is essential for focusing on your work, having structure and ensuring discipline.

The space can have furniture, a computer/laptop, an internet set-up, study material, important documents, lighting and much more. Therefore, it is common for people to hire professional removalists in Adelaide to move their belongings safely.

However, you will still need to pack your things and unpack them strategically. Additionally, follow the tips below to set up your home office like a pro when moving.

Choose Location for Home Office Before Moving & Take Measurements

Striking a balance between work and personal life is challenging while working from home. Therefore, you need a dedicated space for your office in your new home. You can convert a storage room, guest bedroom, study area or any other spare but individual area into your home office.

Once you have the location, measure the room, door and pathways to ensure your furniture, electronics, wires, and other supplies can easily enter the area. You must measure the spot for your desk and chair to check whether it can fit. Taking these proactive measures will help prevent hassle on the moving day and quicken the process of setting up your home office.

Create an Inventory

Declutter your office to keep things of importance only. Next, write down everything you have in your house by category and location. An inventory will help keep track of your belongings, pack them quickly and fasten the process of setting up your office after moving.

Update/Change Internet Connection

A house move is one of the best opportunities to update or change your utility plans. You can upgrade your office’s broadband connection or get a new one. Explore internet providers and compare plans to choose one that offers the most speed at affordable prices. Check the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission’s site for broadband performance data information of different providers.

Pack Things in Order of Importance

You will need certain things in your office urgently after moving, while other things you can unpack at leisure. Office essentials include a laptop, internet modem, stationery, journal and office supplies. You can travel with the laptop and its charger in a bag and carry it in your personal vehicle.

Other important essentials, you can put in plastic bags and keep in a box. Label it ‘Office Supplies’ & ‘Open First’ to make setting up your workspace much easier. Labelling helps your hired removalists in Adelaide know how to handle the box’s contents. Additionally, they load them last to unload them first upon arriving at the new home.

Take Time Off Work

The stress of having to work immediately after moving is jarring. You are tired from the move and need to unpack to settle into a new house. You can hire good removalists in Adelaide to unpack your belongings to ease your stress and burden.

Furthermore, take a few days off from work to focus on setting up your house and home office. It will give your time to unwind and start work when you are in a better state of mind.

Buy Furniture After Moving

If you need a desk, chair and other furniture to set up your office, purchase it only after moving. Buying it before can create multiple issues like increasing the packing/moving load, Adelaide removalists asking for additional charges and furniture not being suitable for the chosen office space. Many manufacturers deliver and set up furniture at minimal or no cost, meaning you save money.

When you get furniture after moving into the new home, you can match it to décor and ensure you can get the right size. Additionally, ensure the chair and desk are the right height and provide comfort even if you have to work for hours.

Personalise the Space

If you can repaint the office, do it to feel calm, focused and comfortable while working. What’s more, personalise your home office by

  • Hanging your favourite artwork and photographs
  • Changing the lighting to make the room brighter.
  • Get a carpet or area rug
  • Get indoor plants that purify the air

You can personalise a home office better than a commercial one. However, aim to keep this minimal to avoid distraction from work.

The Bottom Line

Since the pandemic, more people have been working from home, which is why the need to set up a home office is greater now than ever. Thus, if you are working remotely and plan to move house, use the tips shared above to set up your home office. Additionally, hire professional removalists in Adelaide to move your things safely and ensure you can settle into your new home without delays.