Tips For Short-Distance Moves: Your Guide To Moving Locally

Tips For Short-Distance Moves: Your Guide To Moving Locally

Jun 07, 2024

Relocating to a new home can be hectic, even if it is just a short distance. The number of tasks involved in the procedure can overwhelm any person, regardless of whether they are moving locally or interstate.

Preparation can help make the relocation less chaotic. Firstly, knowing the distance between your new home and the previous one is important. A move occurring within state lines and less than 80 km is short-distance, while anything beyond that is long-distance. In case it is less than 80 km but crosses state lines, it will be considered an interstate move.

Moving short distances is not easy because it presents specific challenges. Preparing accordingly is vital. Here are a few tips for short-distance moves. Use them to ensure a successful relocation.

1. Create a To-do List

Moving becomes stressful when individuals are unaware of where to start. One aspect of proper preparation is creating and following a checklist. It helps track progress and remember the tasks that need to be completed in the next few days. The to-do list should include:

  • Update the details, such as the address
  • Buy the moving supplies
  • Transfer the utilities
  • Searching for storage solution services
  • Hiring expert removalists Adelaide

2. Downsize the House

Moving house is the best time to downsize because you will need to go through all the items, and it will be easier to declutter. Reducing the quantity and weight of the shipment helps individuals save money. Before packing, simply go through every room and find the items that are not being used.

Donating or selling unwanted stuff is better, particularly if they are in good condition. There are plenty of online marketplaces that allow people to sell stuff. Downsizing will make packing easier as well before moving next door.

3. Pack the Household Belongings

couple packing household

Since packing is one of the toughest moving tasks, most people procrastinate until only a few days are left. Avoid doing it at the last minute or on the moving day because that will make it hectic. Start packing as soon as possible. Focus first on the non-essential items, and as the moving day draws closer, box up the essential stuff as well.

When it comes to finding appropriate boxes, ask local grocery stores or large retailers because they can give you strong supplies free of cost. The primary aim here is to secure and protect all the valuables. Wrap the delicate items in towels and clothing to minimise the chances of breakage during transit. This way, the expert removalists Adelaide will move the boxes easily and safely.

4. Measure Your New Residence

One of the primary advantages of a short-distance move is the ability to visit the new space frequently. Hence, it is easier to take measurements before the move. Measure each room and figure out if it has enough storage space for household stuff. Confirm that the furniture can fit through gates and can be navigated easily. Measure the windows so that you can purchase window accessories like curtains accordingly. In case the new home is smaller, it would be better to sell the large items and buy some new ones.

5. Avoid Removing Clothes from Hangers

Removing clothing items from their hangers is not a necessity for a short-distance move. But it is still vital to be careful to prevent them from getting wrinkled. Start by separating expensive clothes from the less expensive ones. Next, buy a few wardrobe boxes, as they are designed specifically to serve as portable closets. They contain an inbuilt metal hanger bar and can keep the clothing protected during the move inside the vehicle of the budget removalists Adelaide. For packing the less expensive ones, utilising trash bags is a great choice. These budget-friendly bags can hold several items.

6. Ask Family and Friends for Help

Relocating is difficult, and doing all the work can be exhausting. So, it is better to ask for help from friends and family. Inform them about your moving plans and the tasks you need help with. For instance, they can help with organising the garage sale and provide some moving boxes. This will help speed up the procedure and deal with unexpected challenges, allowing you to prepare for the moving day.

7. Pack an Essentials Box

After completing the move with the help of professional removalists Adelaide, individuals may have difficulty locating some items. This is not ideal, especially if the person is searching for an urgently needed essential belonging. To avoid this inconvenience, pack an essentials box that contains everything you will need in the first few days at your new place. It should include things like basic toiletries, a small tool kit, important documents, food supplies, a few comfortable clothes, etc. By keeping an essential box nearby, you will have time to settle down before unpacking the other boxes.

Moving Hacks for a Short Distance Move:

Tips to help you move locally

Wrapping Up

Most people assume that short-distance moves are easier than long-distance ones. Regardless of how close or far your new home is, relocating will still be difficult. But by using a few tips such as those mentioned in this post, individuals can streamline the procedure and ensure a successful move.