Tips To Plan A Housewarming Party After Your Move

Tips To Plan A Housewarming Party After Your Move

Jun 03, 2021 Before you relocate to your new home, it is important that you start planning for the housewarming party. It is essential to plan in advance because you might need to throw a party within a week after moving. So, you might not get enough time to plan the party after completing the move as you will be busy unpacking and organising your new home. A Housewarming party is a longstanding tradition, where the homeowner organises a party for the family, close friends, colleagues, new neighbours. Such a party helps you to start your new life on a fresh note and in an exciting manner. Moreover, it is a great way to interact with your new neighbours. Relocation is already a stressful task, and the pressure of organising a housewarming party can further elevate the level of stress. That is why you need to follow some specific tips to get the job done perfectly. If you need more time to focus on the party and other aspects of moving, hire experienced removalists in Adelaide. The experts will ensure a safe and smooth relocation, but more importantly, they will save your time. Here are some valuable tips for planning a housewarming party after your move.

Plan a Budget

Moving is not only stressful and overwhelming but also costly. So, it is crucial to prepare a budget and stick to it. Include all the expenses in your budget, including the cost of the house warming party. The budget will help you to avoid any unpleasant financial surprises after the relocation. Without a budget, you won’t be able to track the expenses, and as a result, you will end up spending more money than you should. From food to decorations, include all the costs in your budget.

Pick an Appropriate Date

It is also essential that you pick an appropriate date for the housewarming party. Choose a weekend or any other holiday to organise the party. If you decide to throw the party on weekdays, your guests might find it difficult to attend the party. So, instead of deciding a date that will be suitable for you, try to find out a date that will be convenient for your family and friends.

Invite Guests In Advance

It is also crucial that you invite your guest at least a couple of weeks in advance. If you invite your guests at the last minute, then you might find they have some other commitments. To avoid such a situation, contact all your guests at least a few weeks before moving and inform them about the relocation. Also, share the address with your guest and invite them to the housewarming party. You can also ask for a little help in cooking or decoration from your close friends or family.

Decide the Food and Drinks

It is also important that you decide the menu for the party as it will help you arrange things in a hassle-free manner. If your new home is only a couple of hours drive, visit the new place and properly explore the market area. It will help you after you move. You will be able to purchase everything you need for the party without wasting any time searching the right store. Inform your guests whether it is a snacks party, proper meal or dessert party.

Settle Down In Your Home Quickly

You don’t need to hustle after your move to organise a party. You can take your time to settle down in your new home. It will allow focusing on the party without any stress of relocation. If you want to settle down quickly in your new home, hire the best removalists in Adelaide. They will not only unload all your belongings at their respective place but also unpack your boxes. It can save a lot of time and help you to settle down quickly and smoothly.

Create a Welcome Ambiance

You also need to create a welcome ambience in your new home, so that you guest feel great. For that, all you need to do is to make sure that your living room is free from clutter. If your new home is not properly clean, make sure you hire cleaners before moving to the house. Make sure that the furniture, light fittings, windows, carpets, etc., look perfectly clean. Instead of using balloons, tapes, and other decorative items, opt for flowers, plants, etc. it will make your home look stylish.

Plan Some Surprises for Guests

To make your house warming party successful and memorable, you can plan some surprises. It can be some games or activities that your guest can play. Such games can be room memory, new town trivia, scavenger hunt, etc. A homeowner always gets some gift during the party, but you can surprise your guests by giving them some return gifts.

Take Away

If you want to throw an excellent housewarming party, you need to do a lot of planning, and for that, you need a lot of time. Therefore, you should contact a reliable removals company in Adelaide when relocating. The professionals can save a lot of time and minimise the stress level by taking care of the packing, loading and unpacking process. They will let you focus on the party preparation.