Tips to Save Your Money During A Long Distance Move
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Tips to Save Your Money During A Long Distance Move

May 30, 2019 Moving across the town is always a challenging and expensive affair. No matter how well you prepared yourself, long distance moves can make you feel annoyed because of the stress and cost involved in it. If you are moving from Canberra to Adelaide or any other city, make sure you plan ahead of time. Proper planning not only saves you from chaos but also cut down your overall moving cost/expenses. From the moment you find out you are relocating to the new city, begin with the planning and preparation tasks. Make sure you hire highly-trained and experienced interstate removalists in Adelaide who can transit your valuables to the new location with care and responsibility. Research and shortlist the best moving companies that can meet your specific needs within your estimated budget. Since long distance moves require thorough planning, here is a compiled list of tips that will help you save money and give you a stress-free moving experience. Let’s get started!

1. Sensibly Schedule your Move

Moving a house to the new city is not at all an easy thing. If you want to save your money from unnecessary expenses, then wisely schedule your move and prepare the end of tenancy checklist. Many things need to be considered while deciding the date for a move. It is good to make a customised timeline if you want to include some cost-minimising factors such as: Select the Right Time to Move Instead of making last-minute decisions, it is good to keep yourself flexible when it comes to deciding the moving dates and other requirements. The more flexible your plan is , the less money you will need to spend on your long distance move. Wisely choose the day of the week People in Adelaide usually plan their moves in weekend because they are off from their work. This means scheduling a move on a weekend would cost you higher due to increased demand. Instead, you can plan your moving day on a weekday. Choose a day between Mondays to Thursdays – this will help you save your moving cost. Time of the Month There is no wonder that the rates of the moving company increase when the demand increases. So if you want an affordable moving experience, you can plan your move in the middle of the month- this is the best time to get into the moving process. Avoid moving at the beginning or the end of the month because most of the people plan their move during these days of the month.

2. Prepare your Moving Budget

No matter how far you are moving, it is always important to evaluate your estimated moving budget before getting into the processes. While preparing your budget, make sure you include all the aspects involved in the expensive moving process and set expected financial limits for each task. This is done to find out whether the savings will be sufficient to pay off all the moving costs or not. Plus, it will help you track your expenses throughout the journey.

3. Purge out Unwanted Items

If your long distance moving budget is too tight, then you should get rid of all the items that you no longer needed. Instead of increasing the load and cost of your move, you can donate them to the charity or organise a garage sale to earn a few extra dollars from the possessions that you won’t be taking to your new house. This is one of the best ways to get rid of unnecessary items such as old furniture, clothes, gym equipment, electronic items that you don’t want to take along with you. It is good to decide the day for your garage sale and organise things accordingly to extra more money.

4. Borrow Possible Moving Tools

Rather than buying moving tools, you can borrow them to save those extra dollars. Borrow the equipment and tools need to disassemble furniture or relocate larger pieces around. You can even buy used packing boxes on rent to save money. Look moving boxes around your local market such as grocery stores, liquor stores, bookstores etc. The more you pay, the more you earn, and that’s how you limit your moving expenses.

5. Pack Smartly

Packing is one of the crucial steps while heading towards a long distance move. Whether you are relocating from Adelaide to Sydney or Canberra to Adelaide, quality packing can help you save your possessions from damages. If your budget is low, then consider packing your stiff on your own. This will help you save a lot of money. But make sure you start preparing your valuable items for transportation ahead of time. Wisely pack your belongings in corrugated boxes, use creative skills to avoid damages. You skip using bubble wraps and look for eco-friendly ways to pack household items. This way you will save money and also protect the environment. Use paper bins, crates, egg cartons, pill organizers, baskets, glasses cases and other items to pack delicate stuff. Also, try using old blankets, tablecloths and towels to give extra coverage to your glassware during the moving process. As already mentioned, taking less can help you save a lot of money during the move. So pack only items of aesthetic, sentimental and practical value for your relocation. This will save both on packing time and materials and also reduce the cost of shipping your household items.

6. Wisely Choose your Moving Company

Are you moving to the new city for the first time? If yes, then consider hiring professional removalists in Adelaide. Despite the low moving budget, it is good to invest in trained and courteous removals team who can take the stress out of your move and give you peace of mind. You can search on the internet or seek referrals from your friends and colleagues who have recently moved to get an idea. It is good to shortlist at least five companies so that you can opt for the most affordable and reliable option with ease. Do your thorough research and ask questions related to their services, price policy, insurance claims/coverage, hidden charges and a lot more to get a rough idea about the moving fees. Hiring a reliable moving company makes a huge difference when it comes to protecting household belongings from damages. You can take professional assistance from them and ensure a safe and sound relocation without a hint of stress.


Long distance relocation brings a lot of stress and anxiety. While you are moving across town, make sure you keep the budget under control. Thorough planning is one of the ideal ways to reduce the overall moving cost. If you want to ensure the safe removal of valuable possessions, it is recommended to hiring professional interstate removalists Adelaide. They can save you time and money while giving you a smooth and affordable moving experience.