Top 5 Reasons to Move to Adelaide
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Top 5 Reasons to Move to Adelaide

Mar 23, 2018

Adelaide is a very calm city with a slower pace of life and famous for being socially progressive. The lovely southern beaches have the advantage of nearby beachfront restaurants and cafes, laidback lifestyle with a beautiful climate and housing not ridiculously expensive as other cities of Australia. The people here are renowned for being amongst the friendliest people around. These are few reasons out of many why Adelaide is frequently listed in the top five of the world’s most liveable cities in 2015 and 2016 in a survey of 140 cities worldwide judged based on culture, healthcare, stability, environment, infrastructure and education.
Adelaide provides all the advantages of bigger cities but will not let you deal with many of the typical issues that you have to deal with while living in a bigger city. It is a city which is big enough to offer everything you need and small enough so that you can get around it and appreciate it. This city is far away from the usual bustling of big cities and provides a peaceful environment to live. If you are thinking of moving from Sydney to Adelaide, then there are numerous reasons stating why this is the best move you will ever make. Make your move completely stress free by hiring experienced and cheap interstate removalists in Adelaide as they will handle all the hassles and ensure full safety of your goods in all situations.
Let’s take a look at Top 5 Reasons to Move to Adelaide:

1. Affordable Living

Cost of living in Adelaide is great as the city is quite affordable, and property prices are not unreasonably high as in Melbourne and Sydney. One of the major appealing reasons why you should move to Adelaide today is its affordability.

According to a report of a famous property website in 2017, Adelaide is Australia’s most affordable city to buy a property after Hobart. If we compare the median dwelling prices of Adelaide, which stands at $440,000, to other major cities of Australia like- Sydney where prices are much higher up to $880,000. Same goes for Melbourne where it is $675,000, and in Brisbane, where it is- $497,200. Hence the data quite says it all.

Above all, Adelaide has been recently named the fifth most liveable city in the world, and a significant reason for that is the super cheap rent. Single households are the fastest growing household type in Adelaide, and the ascendancy of this household type is likely to continue in future with the introduction of new quality apartments, a primary reason why the younger population us getting dawn to the city day by day. Average weekly rent in Adelaide is almost fifty percent less than other big cities like Sydney in Australia.

2. Incredible Food

Food is one of the biggest attraction points of Adelaide. Not only its restaurant menus have world’s tastiest cuisines, but they are reasonably priced as well. It has excellent eateries, and the food here is multicultural with a lot of diversity. Adelaide’s city centre has an abundance of food options, which offers a diverse mix of cafes and casual food options.

World-class Wine Capital

Adelaide has one of the best wine regions in the world, and all these best wine regions are in close vicinity within the city. Local winemakers here work hard to produce quality wine constantly and maintain their wine culture. No wonder, Adelaide is known as Australia’s wine capital as it serves the finest wines here. People of Adelaide love wine and if you have some limited versions, you should surely pack your wine bottles when relocating to this wonderful city.

Adelaide has some of the most famous wine regions in the world:

  • Adelaide Hills– It is one of the most celebrated wine regions in South Australia that produces diverse varieties of wine. A few world-famous examples include Shiraz, Semillon-Viognier, Chardonnay, cider, etc.
  • McLaren Vale– A vast wine region famous for vibrant green vines. It produces varieties like Shiraz and Grenache varieties due to a warm climate.
  • Langhorne Creek– This is slightly lesser known wine region around Adelaide but one of the most peaceful escapes from the state of South Australia. If you want to try something unique, then this is the place for you what the winemakers produce here is commendable.
  • Barossa Valley– This region has a world-class reputation for producing delicious fortified wines aging over 160 years-old.

Best beer in the world – Adelaide also makes the best beer in the world, not to forget to mention- Prancing Pony ‘India Red Ale’, which is an award-winning beer and has been officially named as the Best Beer.

3. Beautiful Climate

Adelaide has a beautiful climate, and the weather remains lovely throughout the year.
Beaches- Adelaide is a great place to live because of it does have fabulous beaches that are the hot spots for residents, who don’t even need to drive or even walk far to find a spot on the shore. Most of these beaches are less than thirty minutes’ drive around the city.
Here are some best beach locations to visit in Adelaide:

  • Glenelg– The most famous beach in Adelaide set around a hub of restaurants. You can board a short tram from the CBD to reach Glenelg.
  • Brighton– An ideal place for family and is comparatively less crowded.
  • Port Noarlunga– Situated 30 km from CBD this beach that has crystal clear waters, which is an ideal spot for surfing.

Not only the pristine beaches but there are many other places to explore – some of the most famous family adventurous locations such as- Port Elliot, Normanville, Moonta Bay and of course- Kangaroo Island.

4. Lively City

Adelaide city is famous for its liveliness, and the people here are friendly and inviting. In a city like Adelaide, you will never feel alone because of the warm and welcoming people over here.
The Festival City– It organises incredible world-class shows and festivals:

  • Mid March– Adelaide is the craziest month in Adelaide. There is a pool of festivals and events that take place, especially in March. These include Festival of Arts, Supercar motor race, Writer’s week, etc.
  • Fringe Festival– It is the biggest arts festival in the Southern Hemisphere which runs over 31 days and nights every year during February and March. It is the time when the city is flooded with tourists from all over the world. Artists from different parts of the world come to participate in this festival to showcase their talents.

Other major festivals in Adelaide include WOMAdeliade, The Adelaide Show, and Garden of Unearthly Delights etc.

5. Transportation

Travelling in Adelaide is much convenient. The roads are not usually jam-packed. Even if you don’t have your vehicle then moving around the city is quite comfortable. There is an excellent public transport system with many trams and buses and trains; it’s quite easy to get around.

There are suburban rail lines that give passengers views of the ocean cliff tops. This city is carefully planned that you will never be lost even if you are new and first time visiting the city. Parking also is very easily available as opposed to other cities where you can spend the whole day looking for a free parking spot. Everything is so close to everything else that you won’t be charged a toll for driving on busy roads.


Adelaide is much inexpensive and affordable city to live. It is a city where you will get everything you need to live a peaceful and yet enjoyable lifestyle. Many people move from big cities like Sydney to Adelaide because of its various features and comforts.
However, moving from Sydney to Adelaide is a huge task, and it can be highly stressful hence it is better advised that you take the assistance of professional removalists like Better Removalist Adelaide to make your move smooth and conducive and lead a gratifying lifestyle.