Ultimate Moving House Checklist 2021

Ultimate Moving House Checklist 2021

Jun 17, 2021 Managing a move without preparation is a major mistake as the process becomes stressful and unorganised. Without proper planning, you set yourself for delays, stress and chaos, which are entirely unavoidable. Thus, in addition to hiring professional removalists in Adelaide, use a checklist to partially or completely manage your move. It will help you streamline your tasks and prioritise them according to importance and urgency. With a moving checklist, you can plan your relocation months or weeks in advance. If you are moving out of a rental property or an owned residential real estate this year, here is an ultimate moving house checklist for 2021.

8-6 Weeks Before Moving

Starting preparations for the move at least eight weeks before the moving day is ideal as you can complete a variety of tasks with ample time and without exerting yourself. Here is a list of things you should complete in the first two weeks of planning. • Tenants should reread the contract and give proper notice for ending the lease agreement. • Sort through your property contents to get rid of unnecessary items. Make sure to segregate things for donating and reselling from items to discard. This activity is important as it reduces the moving load for your hired removalists in Adelaide. • Start searching online & offline for good removalists in Adelaide and explore your moving options. Ask relevant questions from removal companies from removal companies to select the right experts. • Also, lessees should look for professional end of lease cleaners to clean the rental property. • Gather packing supplies and start wrapping and boxing household contents according to usage. Pack things in inverse order of importance.

Four-Three Weeks Before Moving

Most people start feeling the stress and pressure around this mark, but if you outline your tasks and complete them within the stipulated time, you can spare yourself a lot of hassle. • Book the removalists in Adelaide that are within your budget and offer the services you need. • Hire bond cleaners for managing the end of lease cleaning and getting a complete bond refund if you are vacating a rental real estate. • Contact utility service providers for gas, electricity, water and internet to discontinuing them and inquire about setting connections at your residence. • Check the Australian Government’s website for more information about changing your address and notify the concerned Government and Non-Government authorities. • Start the process of donating and reselling things you had kept aside while decluttering. Get in touch with your local charity organisation and conduct online/offline garage sales.

Two Weeks Before Moving

The last two weeks are hectic as you need to focus on several moving-related activities simultaneously during this time. • Speed up the packing process and put everything you don’t need for the next 15 days in boxes. Make sure to put labels correctly to make identification of box contents easy. • Buy food carefully to keep supplies only until the day you move out of the house. Use frozen and canned items or arrange to donate them if possible. • Make sure your children’s school migration process is complete. • Confirm bookings you have made with the hired cleaners and/or professional removalists in Adelaide and provide directions if required. • Apply for leave from work (if necessary).

One Week Before Moving

The few days prior to the moving day are among the most stressful and overwhelming for people planning a move. Here are the final tasks you should complete before vacating the property. • Finish packing of property contents and labelling of boxes. • Ensure no payment is due before leaving a rental real estate. • Launder your remaining everyday clothes to have fresh sets to wear after moving into the new home. • Pack an essential bag containing all the things you would require on the moving day. • Notify your near and dear ones and meet them for properly bidding adieu. • Make sure you are prepared for the removalists to do their tasks on the moving day. • Keep the keys ready for handover to the new owner, property manager or the real estate company.

Moving Day

On the day you have to move out, you have to be prepared for travelling have your property contents moved. In addition, do the following things. • Provide directions to your hired removalists in Adelaide for parking the truck. • Inspect the property to make sure nothing is left behind.’ • Lock the doors and windows. • Ensure all trash and garbage is removed. • Take pictures of the empty rooms for documentation. • Handover the keys.

The Bottom Line

Moving house is exciting, but often the happiness of going to a new home is dampened by moving-related stress and chaos if proper planning is not done. Therefore, follow this checklist to ensure your move happens smoothly and comfortable. By using this to-do list, you can streamline your tasks and complete them within a stipulated time. Also, don’t hesitate to take the assistance of professional removalists in Adelaide, as they can help manage your relocation completely or partially.