Useful Tips To Pack A Moving Truck Like A Pro

Useful Tips To Pack A Moving Truck Like A Pro

Dec 16, 2022

Loading the moving truck is one of the most important DIY moving tasks. If you botch it up, your things can topple or get crushed during transit and the jostling of the vehicle. You have to pack the moving truck carefully and strategically.

To manage this, the truck size matters a lot because you don’t want a vehicle that is too big or small for storing moving boxes, furniture and other contents. As per industry standards, small, medium and large trucks can haul up to 14 m3, 46 m3 and 56 m3, respectively.

Thus, estimate the weight of the shipment in cubic meters (m3) to rent the right-sized truck. If it is too much hassle, hire cheap removalists Adelaide. After you have selected the right moving truck, use the tips below to pack it like a pro.

Pack With Quality Materials

The first step to ensure the safe movement of your things is using quality packing materials. Don’t be stingy when it comes to moving boxes, bubble or foam wraps, plastic stretch wrap etc.

Get 3-5 ply corrugated boxes for keeping books, clothes, crockery and other household items. Also, invest in heat and water-proof wraps and moving blankets to ensure your furniture, electronics, or other items aren’t damaged.

Get Moving Equipment

How do moving equipment help with packing a truck? If you want to get your things out of the home and in the truck like a professional removalist in Adelaide, you will need a dolly, harnesses, furniture sliders and ties with clasps.

Using these items, you can easily avoid moving injuries and shift things to the garage or the front of the truck on the moving day.

Disassemble Furniture

If you have tables, chairs, couches or other furniture that need dismantling, do it before packing the parts with bubble wrap and moving blankets. The aim is to shift them out of the house without toppling furniture or knocking against doors, walls and corners. Additionally, it ensures the furniture can fit through the entry points of your house, like doors, arcs etc.

Also, label the removed parts carefully to know which furniture it belongs to & their positioning. For example, if you are dismantling dining chairs, label the front leg as DC- FL. You can skip this step if you hire professional removalists in Adelaide to move furniture.

Load Heaviest to Lightest & According to Order Of Importance

As a rule, load the moving truck with the heaviest items and boxes first. Thus, the mattress, furniture, and moving boxes with heavy items will be at the back of the vehicle. The strategy is to load heaviest to lightest to avoid damage to things during transit.

In addition to following this technique, keep essentials from the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom last on the moving truck to unload them first and set you your new home immediately. This way, you don’t have to scour all your belongings from the truck in one go. You can take out important things first and then worry about other items.

Stack Things Correctly

Flat and large things go against the truck’s walls, meaning table tops, headboards, long mirrors etc., and must get the support of the walls. Secure these things with hooks on the walls and harnesses with clasps.

Also, while moving house, keep the biggest to smallest in ascending order on the truck, meaning the larger boxes will remain at the bottom, and the smaller ones will be stacked on top.

Also, layer the floor with the boxes to ensure the space for stacking remains even. If you have empty spaces, fill them with cushions, pillows, plastic bags with clothes and other malleable stuff.

General Tips For Loading the Moving Truck

Make sure the essentials bags of your household members and the general bag are on your personal vehicle before you start loading the moving truck. This proactive measure will prevent you from accidentally packing them on the truck. Also, here are other things to remember while packing the moving truck.

  • Don’t cramp things in the truck; ensure there is enough room for the items to move a little.
  • If you have carpets or rugs, roll them up and place against upright or lay them flat on the floor against corners.
  • Ensure the refrigerator, microwave, wardrobes, other items with doors etc., are shut with moving straps.


Moving is a challenging, tiring and time-consuming, and it can take a lot of energy and effort when you are doing it yourself. You can hire professional removalists in Adelaide to pack and move your things to reduce moving stress and anxiety. However, if you still want to move yourself, use the tips above to pack the moving truck like a pro.