Weekly Moving Checklist For A Smooth, Stress-Free Move

Weekly Moving Checklist For A Smooth, Stress-Free Move

Aug 30, 2021 Moving to a new home is surreal, but your excitement can dampen if you don’t plan the relocation properly. Tenants or homeowners shifting residence need to complete several tasks simultaneously, and managing everything at once is challenging. The process can overwhelm you, inducing stress and anxiety. Therefore, you should start preparing for the moving process and book removalists in Adelaide early. Streamline your tasks according to importance and urgency with this weekly moving checklist and manage your relocation smoothly and without stress. Have a look.

8 Weeks

Waiting for the last few weeks to pack and prepare for the move is neither wise nor practical. To avoid delays and inconvenience at the last minute, complete the following tasks eight weeks before moving. • Create a budget to manage the fixed household and moving-related expenses. Use a reliable budget planner to make estimates correctly. • Start decluttering your home to get rid of unwanted, broken and old items. Discard things you don’t use at least once in six months or a year. • Get packing supplies after decluttering. • Pack things you need to donate or resell. Also, start boxing things according to usage. Your goal is to pack least used things first and regular use items last. • Read your lease agreement to refresh your memory & notify the landlord in time. • Start searching for professional cleaners and removalists in Adelaide to vacate the property successfully. • Create a change of address checklist

6 Weeks

You have to pick up the pace for moving preparations after reaching the six weeks mark. Manage the donation of items and host a garage sale to reduce clutter in your home. Additionally, complete the following tasks. • Get quotes from the removalists you selected and weigh your moving options. • Get in touch with your children’s schools for migration certification (if required) • Start the process of changing or upgrading your address. • Sort through your food supply to consume perishable goods in time. Also, six weeks before moving, only get food household members will eat in a week. • Contact your GP or other healthcare professionals to get medical records, prescriptions etc. • Cancel subscriptions of newspapers, magazines and other physical items and arrange to receive them at your new address.

4 Weeks

Arrange for a pre-move survey or get free quotes to estimate moving costs and book the right removalists in Adelaide. Also, start cleaning your house room by room if you plan to sanitise it yourself. Also, take care of the things mentioned below. • Ask every household member to start packing their rooms. • Arrange for your vehicle’s service, especially if you plan to move long distance • Pack and move things to a storage unit that you will get after settling in the new home. • Inform your family members, friends, neighbours and colleagues about the move. Host a farewell lunch or dinner for people you want to keep in touch with. • If you have pets, book a vets appointment and start packing their things. • Manage any repair or maintenance work

2 weeks

During this time, you feel extreme pressure and stress because the moving date is close. Ensure you sleep and eat well and complete the tasks mentioned below. • Confirm bookings with the cleaners and removalists. • Box your belongings after creating an inventory. Also, label everything correctly. • Complete any address changes you need to manage in the last two weeks • Sort your important documents and put them in a suitcase or folder that you will take in your personal vehicle.

1 Week

The last week before moving is hectic and the most challenging, but you are almost prepared for the moving day if you pack and complete important tasks in time. To ensure everything goes smoothly, you need to take care of these last minutes things. • Pack an essentials bag containing a change of clothes, medicines, snacks, toiletries, and other necessary items you would need during travel or after arriving at your new residence. • Ensure everything is ready for your hired removalists to pick and load on the moving truck as scheduled. • Pay the pending rent and utility bills. Also, clear all your dues. • Inspect the property one final time before moving out. Take pictures and videos for reference.

After The Move

Upon arrival at your new home, unpack room by room, starting with bedroom, bathroom and kitchen items. These are important rooms you need to set up to quicken the process of settling. Furthermore, ensure necessary utilities are set up in the house and your hired professionals clean the old residence adequately.

The Bottom Line

Relocation is always challenging, but you can manage the entire process without stress or hassle if you follow the weekly moving checklist shared above. Besides taking the assistance of professional removalists in Adelaide, use this checklist to streamline your tasks and complete them in time.