What Are The Worst Days To Move During The Holiday Season?

What Are The Worst Days To Move During The Holiday Season?

Dec 08, 2021 Nothing can be more hectic than moving into a new home during the holiday season. From paying extra moving prices to dealing with heavy traffic, relocating to a new abode during December can be a real struggle before Christmas. You will have to manage holiday events, shopping, and packing and moving chores. It is difficult to handle everything without planning and preparation. You can make the journey less stressful by figuring out the worst time to move during the holiday. It is good to pick the suitable days to book certified removalists in Adelaide. They will assist you in transporting precious possessions safely to the new place without any kind of stress. Here is a complete guide to help you find out the worst days to relocate during the Christmas or holiday season.

Never Move the Weekend Before Christmas Day

Believe it or not! The Saturday and Sunday before Christmas are the busiest days as people go to the local market and malls. Buying gifts, new dresses and decor items before the festival is a ritual, and most people prefer doing it on the weekend over weekdays. This means the worst day to move during the holiday season is most likely the weekend before Christmas day. This is true if you are moving household belongings on your own. You need to drive a moving vehicle and make multiple trips from and to your home, and this can be a tiring experience. You may also face heavy traffic during the transition process. If you plan to hire a moving company in Adelaide, they may charge higher than usual rates during the weekend due to high demand, holiday season and heavy traffic. The Entire Week Before Christmas Besides the weekend, the busy shopping and heavy traffic days are the entire weeks before Christmas during the holiday season. It is good to consider the specific day that Christmas falls on during the week and plan things accordingly. It is good to avoid your home relocation process a few days before and after Christmas and New Year as it is the busiest travel time of the year. You can pay attention to the days where you can find less traffic and affordable rates of a moving company.  Make you consider time-saving moving tips for a stress-free experience. Last Days of the Month Are you planning home relocation during the holiday season? If yes, skip the last 2-4 days of the December month. Christmas falls on 25th December and after that people are preparing for New Year Eve. During this time of the year, the road traffic can be terrific, and movers are usually booked or may ask you to pay extra- which is not justified at all.

How to Choose the Right Moving Day During Holidays?

Whether you are moving on your own or hiring professionals, it is ideal to aim for a mid-morning move during the weekday instead of the weekend. This will help you avoid the influx of holiday travellers as well as shoppers. You also won’t face heavy road traffic, and hiring professionals a month before the final moving day will save you a lot of money. Managing your home relocation journey at the beginning of December is good or holding off until the New Year’s holiday. Important Tips to Keep in Mind While Moving During Christmas Moving to a new home during the holidays is always challenging. Here are some great tips and tricks that will streamline the process and keep your belongings protected throughout the process: Create a Moving Budget Relocating home during this time of the year can get expensive. So, it is good to prepare a rough moving budget and pay attention to the important things, such as packing supplies, moving boxes, the cost of Adelaide removalists, etc. Hire Professionals in Advance Make sure you do proper research and compare the quotes of at least three companies before making the final decision. For that, you need a lot of time. So, it is good to plan things at least 4 weeks before your move and beware of red flags and scams while searching for the right company. Pack As Early As Possible It is good to pack your household belongings into boxes at least 6-7 weeks prior to your move. This will give you enough time for Christmas shopping and other important things related to the festival. You can start by packing off-season items.


After knowing the worst days to move during the holiday season, you can plan everything for a stress-free experience. Make sure you carefully select the day and date if you are moving in the middle of the festive season, and hire the best Adelaide Removalists at least 4 weeks prior to your final moving day.