What is the Median House Prices Around Adelaide?

What is the Median House Prices Around Adelaide?

Jul 29, 2020 Adelaide is the capital of South Australia and among the popular and heavily-populated cities of the country. Over the years, it has witnessed interstate migration and inflow of people from overs eases as well due to its fast-growing economy, an abundance of work/business opportunities, and a high standard of living. What’s more, Adelaide has modern amenities, excellent infrastructural developments, and contemporary lifestyle. Therefore, why people are flocking to the city or moving within it for better growth is understandable. If you are among them and seeking residence in the urban city, here is a complete guide by experts outlining the median house prices around Adelaide. In addition, it has answers provided by experienced real estate experts and removalists in Adelaide to some of the most frequently asked questions by people planning to move to or within the city.

What is the Median Price of Properties near the Central Business District (CBD)?

Most people wish to have housing close to the CBD due to several reasons like better connectivity to amenities, availability of good schools, better career opportunities etc. Since more people are interested in getting a residence near the CBD, the options for renting or purchasing tend to be more expensive than the ones in the suburbs of the city. Knowing the average cost of the properties will help plan your move better because there are many other moving-related expenses to estimate, such as hiring removalists in Adelaide, getting packing supplies, etc. Therefore, if you are considering moving, here are the median prices around the city and how much the properties will cost compared to other major cities. • The median price of houses within 5 km of Adelaide’s central business district is approximately $800,000 with the cheapest options available in West Richmond with an average rate of $432,000 • According to experts owning a house within 5 km of Adelaide’s CBD will cost you three times less than it would in Sydney ($2.4 million) and two times less than Melbourne ($1.3 million) for the same distance • Within 6-10 km radius, the median prices are about $590,000 with Wingfield offering the cheapest residences at an average cost of $320,000 • 11-19 km from the CBD the houses become even more affordable with the median house prices being $490,000 approximately with the Brahma Lodge area having residences with an average price of $270,000 • For people looking for the most affordable option the area of Elizabeth South, which is within the 20-29 km radium has the lowest housing median price of $160,000. • Bear in mind the prices don’t necessarily fall due to the distance from the CBD because the suburbs can have excellent amenities, good schools, and other factors making them suitable for living alone, with a partner, or a family. For example, the median house rate at a distance of 20-29 km is about $340,000, but at 30-39 km and 40-49 km, the prices increase to $360,000 and $390,000 respectively.

Should you Consider Living in a Suburb of Adelaide?

Although the housing near the central business districts are within the sweet spot, considering your budget, requirements, and other factors are necessary. Thus, it would be wise to think about getting a residence in a suburb of Adelaide as well. There are numerous suburbs close to the central business district of the city offering a variety of houses and units for renting and purchasing. The advantages of living in a suburb cannot be ignored because the most reputed and popular suburbs have lower crime rate, a sense of community, modern amenities, and a better standard of living. Also, moving to suburbs has become easier than ever due to removalists in Adelaide offering their services everywhere and the South Australian government has built excellent transportation and traffic networks across the state.

Best Suburbs to Live in Adelaide

Over the years, residents of Adelaide and people across other states and countries have moved to the suburbs of the city due to the availability of affordable properties and elevate the standard of living. Thus, if you are moving to or within Adelaide, listed below are the best suburbs to live in the city. Salisbury Ranked among the most affordable suburbs, this area is located about 18 km from the CBD. It is suitable for newcomers to the city and has housing suitable for families, working professionals, retirees, tourists etc. The median house price for a 3-bedroom house is $317, 500 and rent is $320 per week. Units are relatively cheaper with 3-bedroom apartment costing an average of $275, 500 and rent is $240 for a 2-bedroom unit. Sheidow Park This suburb is fast becoming the preferred suburb for young families and couples planning to have children to settle. Located approximately 23 km from the CBD, this suburb is worth visiting and considering if you are planning a move. Majority of developments in the area are houses and the median price for a 3-bedroom house is $400,000, and the rent is about $380 per week. Evandale With just 5.5 km away from the central business district of Adelaide, this suburb is charming, well connected, and offers excellent housing options. It is ranked among the best suburbs of the city and considering its proximity to the CBD offers extremely affordable properties. The median house price is about $730, 000 and rent is $420 per week. Renting a unit in this area is the best option for newcomers to the city as the median rent is about $300 per week. Mawson Lakes Mawson Lakes is another affordable suburb that is about 17 km from the city connected via the Princes Highway. It is a place where families, working professionals, and students, live comfortably due to the availability of good housing options, modern amenities, and excellent public transportation. The median housing price for a 3-bedroom house here is $425,000, and rent is $390 per week. Buying a unit is relatively cheaper here with the median price being $277,000 and rent being $335 per week.

How to Plan Your Move?

Besides knowing the cost of varied housing options in Adelaide, it is crucial to know how you will manage the move not just financially but mentally and physically as well. The first and most important thing to do is have a plan and create a checklist of tasks to complete. Second, remember to look for reputed removalists in Adelaide along with hunting housing options to ensure the move can be managed smoothly and your savings are not depleted entirely. In addition, it would be wise to seek the assistance of near and dear ones to help with decluttering, packing, loading, and other relocation related process. The advantage of having family members, friends, and professional removalists in Adelaide help you is that you not only feel less stressed, but they also take the responsibility of completing a host of moving-related tasks. It is essential because relocation cannot be managed without the delegation of work.

Wrapping Up

Adelaide is among the most liveable cities in Australia and has a lower cost of living than cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, making it a suitable location to live and thrive. Therefore, make sure to follow this guide to learn valuable information about median house prices around Adelaide, the best suburbs to live, and how to manage the move with the help of family members, friends, and removalists in Adelaide, among other things.