What To Consider Before Signing An Apartment Lease?

What To Consider Before Signing An Apartment Lease?

Jan 16, 2023

Renting an apartment is usually the best option for students, working professionals and people moving interstate or internationally. It is more affordable than buying or renting a house, but you must make an informed decision to enter a favourable lease agreement. A rental agreement is a legally binding contract, and you must honour the terms of the agreement to have a successful tenancy.

You don’t need the stress of managing a poor tenancy because renting a home and moving is challenging. You can hire professional removalists in Adelaide to pack and move your belongings to reduce moving anxiety and stress. But, to have a smooth tenancy, consider the following things before signing an apartment lease.

Review the Property & Document Its Condition

Every property has pros and cons, which you should know before leasing to make an informed decision. You can shortlist a few properties before conducting a physical inspection to streamline the viewing process. While at a property, inspect it for the following things.

  • Musty smells, mould or mildew on surfaces/fixtures
  • Plumbing issues, water damage, leaks, broken pipes etc.
  • Wholes, cracks, and scratches on walls, baseboards and other surfaces.
  • Water pressure of faucets, toilet and hoses to ensure it isn’t too low.
  • Outdoor condition of the property
  • Check for other defects, anomalies and issues

Since most units ate parts of large complexes, you must review the security, privacy, utilities, amenities and other important things at the complex. Once you have selected an apartment to rent, document its condition through photos and videos to tally with the original condition report. It is a record the rental provider shares upon payment of a rental bond.

Can You Personalise & Customise the Apartment?

It is human to personalise a house or apartment to make it feel like home and have a sense of belonging. However, painting the walls, hanging picture frames or making other alterations can cost you the rental bond. Thus, ask the rental provider about customisations and whether they will violate any lease terms.

Also, try to make customisations that won’t change the property permanently. For example, you can get new curtains, portable lights, indoor plants, removable carpets/rugs, etc.

Inquire About Rent & Rental Bond

Expect the rental bond to be up to four weeks of rent if the weekly rent is $250 and up to six weeks if the weekly rent is over $250. A landlord can ask for two weeks’ rent and the bond in advance at the start of a tenancy.

Also, the request to pay the monthly rent cannot be made until the advance rent is used and the rent is due. Therefore, to ascertain a property’s affordability, you must inquire about the rent, its inclusions and bond money.

Rent can include utility fees, maintenance charges, parking fees, and more, which is why knowing the inclusions before signing an apartment lease is crucial.

Have a Detailed Discussion with the Rental Provider

A landlord is not someone who collects the rent every month. They play a significant role before, during and after your tenancy, which is why having a good relationship from the start is necessary. Before signing a lease agreement for an apartment, have a detailed discussion to understand their expectations and share yours.

You must also inquire about previous tenants and see if the landlord can share their contact numbers for feedback. Understanding your rental provider’s personality before signing a lease agreement is vital to increase the success rate of the tenancy. Therefore, ensure transparency is maintained from the start, and you can build a relationship based on trust with your landlord.

Review the Neighbourhood

Often tenants face challenges when they choose an unsuitable neighbourhood, which is why you must do your best to avoid the same fate. Review the locations before renting an apartment by visiting the complexes and building at least 2-3 times.

Talk to the neighbours to better understand the community and its helpfulness. It is essential to like a neighbourhood’s energy and vibe to blend in well. Take this step before booking removalists in Adelaide because you need to find local professionals for moving to avoid hassle and delays.

Read the Lease Agreement

Reading legal documents with multiple terms and conditions is boring. But, signing a lease agreement before reading it can get you in trouble if you don’t know what you are doing.

If the clauses and terms are challenging to understand, take the professional help of a realtor or lawyer to simplify the conditions and understand everything that is expected from you. Reading the lease agreement is also essential to know the landlord’s responsibilities.

The Bottom Line

Moving to a new home is challenging but necessary for better education, improving business, getting a job and other important factors. Therefore, many people rent an apartment rather than buy a house when moving because it offers better moving flexibility.

If you plan to rent an apartment as well, consider the things shared above before signing an apartment lease and making an informed decision. Also, hire professional Adelaide removalists to pack and move your belongings safely and without stress.