What to Look for When Hiring a Green Moving Company?

What to Look for When Hiring a Green Moving Company?

Jul 07, 2020 Keeping our environment clean and green has become the need of an hour. Whether you are sprucing up your house or moving to the new state, it is always good to opt for eco-friendly ways that can protect nature and our ecosystems. Since house relocation involves a lot of packaging materials and fuel that can leave a big carbon footprint, make sure you find out a solution that can minimise the effect on the environment. Instead of using bubble wraps, you can use blankets to protect your valuable belongings. Apart from this, use packaging materials that can be recycled easily. You can also follow some great ways that can help you protect the environment. It doesn’t matter how near or far you are moving; it is important to find the most trusted removalists in Adelaide who can offer you green moving solutions at the best price. Going with a green moving company makes a huge difference as it can help you relocate to the new house in a better, cleaner and more efficient way. They follow eco-friendly practices to help you move to a new place without any environmental impact. Below are some useful tips that can help you find the best option for a green move. Let’s Get Started!

1. A Moving Company that Uses Biodiesel Trucks

A green moving company always uses moving trucks that run on biodiesel fuel. This type of fuel is made from natural, biodegradable resources. You can ask your shortlisted removalists about the green moving truck facility before making the final decision. Along with using biodegradable fuels, such firms also have trucks with battery-powered curbside lifts. The best part about these lifts is that they don’t need the engine of the truck. This consumes less fuel during the lifting process.

2. Uses Recyclable Packaging Items

Plastic tape, bubble wraps and other common packaging materials cannot be recycled. Using such materials can increase the waste and harm the entire ecosystem. So, it is good to hire a removal company in Adelaide that will use green packaging materials such as used boxes, towels, linens, clothing, etc for wrapping delicate materials. Instead of buying new moving boxes, you can ask your local grocery store, liquor shop and other stores for used boxes that are in good condition. Make sure you buy recyclable moving supplies in order to reduce the waste as well as your overall moving expenses.

3. Minimum Usage of Cardboard

There is no denying the fact that cardboard is a recyclable and common packaging material, but green moving companies don’t use cardboard much. They focus on reusing plastic moving boxes, which means less cardboard boxes to recycle or toss out after the relocation. However, it doesn’t mean all green removal companies do the same. It depends on their policies and strategies. For better clarity, you can ask your shortlisted removalists about the packaging materials, especially cardboard boxes.

4. Offer Environmentally-Friendly Storage Facility

The storage facility is usually needed when you are moving to the new state. Most people also want extra space to store some of their household belongings. This happens when moving to a smaller apartment, and you don’t have enough space to put large items. A green moving company in Adelaide always focuses on offering you eco-friendly storage facilities. Under this, natural light through windows and skylights will be used in a warehouse. There will be efficient insulation for climate control, renewable and recyclable containers for storing household items. Make sure you do thorough research and find a company that specialises in offering green moving solutions along with storage facility for your interstate move.

5. Dispose of Chemical-based Products Properly

It is always good to clean and disinfect everything from household belongings to packed moving boxes, surfaces to high-touch areas while moving to the new house during COVID-19 pandemic. It will keep the virus at bay. However, after sprucing up the premises, make sure you dispose of cleaning products properly in an eco-friendly way. You can take assistance from your green moving company or read the instructions on the bottle of your chemical products for safe disposal. Make sure you follow the given instructions carefully. Tip: Keep your kids and pet away during this process.


It is good to hire removalists in Adelaide that care about the environment if you want to experience a green move. Companies that prioritise environmentally-friendly practices will use biodiesel moving trucks, recyclable packing supplies, and also have apt knowledge to get your relocation done with the least amount of environmental impact. When it is time to relocate, do complete research and find the best green moving company in your local area. These are just a few tips that you can consider while searching for the ideal match for your next move.