When is the Best Time to Move? Weekday vs. Weekend Moving

When is the Best Time to Move? Weekday vs. Weekend Moving

Aug 07, 2020 Moving to a new home is a laborious, stressful, and challenging activity that should be performed with careful planning. It requires proactivity because the less planned the move, the more problems it will cause to the people who are relocating. Therefore, if you are planning to settle into a new house or apartment, it is crucial to decide when will be the best time to move. Some people prefer to relocate on weekends while others prefer weekdays. Which should you pick? Here is your complete guide by expert removalists in Adelaide outlining the advantages and disadvantages of weekday vs. weekend moving. Have a look!

Advantages of Moving on Weekdays

Many tenants and homeowners prefer to relocate Monday to Thursday for a variety of reasons, and some of the most plausible ones are mentioned as follows. It’s Economical Since more people prefer to move during the weekends, the rates of removalists in Adelaide, moving truck rentals, and other moving related-services costs are higher during peak times. Therefore, by planning to move through Monday to Thursday, you can get discounts and pay less for services which would cost a lot more on weekends. Better Availability of Professionals Another advantage of moving on weekdays is better availability of experienced and reputed removalists in Adelaide. You have more options because most removalists are booked through the weekends and available for jobs on weekdays at lower or discounted rates. You can avoid the hassle of not finding the professionals of choice and having to look for a host of options. Easy Access to Services and Utilities Government offices, utility providers, and other service renders are mostly available on weekdays because their workplaces are open from Monday to Friday. While moving, it is easier to have access to services on these days rather than weekends when the departments or offices are closed. More Privacy On weekdays most people are at work affording people who are moving privacy from prying neighbours, relatives, or others. You can move out of your previous property quietly and peacefully without anyone hampering the process or you disturbing those around you.

Advantages of Moving on Weekends

Moving during weekends is the most popular choice among tenants and homeowners, and there are many reasons why. Some of the advantages of moving on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are mentioned as follows. No Need to take Leaves Since you move on a day that is an official off from work, you have no loss of pay or don’t have to use your leaves. Most working professionals prefer to move on the weekends due to this reason and also because their children are at home and don’t have to miss a day of school. Family Members and Friends can Help Asking your friends and family members to be available on weekdays can be unfair, and it may not be possible for them. Therefore, when you move on a weekend, they can provide assistance without worrying about taking off from work. What’s more, near and dear ones can even stay for help without having to worry about reaching the office on time the next day. No Rush Hour Traffic Getting stuck in traffic while moving is a nightmare and it can cause the hampering of your moving schedule. Any delays will affect the moving process because everything has to be done on time. Your hired removalists in Adelaide have to complete their jobs on time, and delays can lead to a lot of stress and anxiety. More Time to Unpack and Settle When you move on Friday or Saturday, you have one-two days extra for unpacking and settling. The process of loading/unloading your belongings and transporting them is hectic, which is why having another off day to breathe and get things done is ideal.

Disadvantages of Moving on Weekdays

Moving during the days has its advantages, but its disadvantages must be known to make an informed decision. Some of the cons of relocating Monday through Friday are as follows. • You will have to take leaves (paid or unpaid) • You can get stuck in traffic during rush hours • Friends and family members may not be able to be available

Disadvantages of Moving on Weekends

Like there are disadvantages of moving during the weekdays, there are cons of moving during the weekends as well, and they are listed below. • Fewer options for choosing a reliable removalists in Adelaide • Moving can cost more because the rent of a moving truck and rates of professionals may be higher during peak times • Poor access to government offices, utility departments, and other services because of off days


What is the best time to move –weekdays or weekend? It all boils down to your convenience, planning, and requirements. Whether you are moving for the first time or have moved before, this guide has outlined the pros and cons of moving during both days of the week to make it easier for you decide what will be the best time for you and your family!