Where Are The Best Suburbs To Live In Adelaide?

Where Are The Best Suburbs To Live In Adelaide?

Feb 21, 2022 The Capital City of South Australia is a beautiful place to live and raise a family. Ranked as the 10th most liveable city globally, Adelaide is home to around 1.4 million people. The city is known for its laid-back lifestyle and vibrant food and wine culture. People worldwide are moving to Adelaide because it offers great amenities, affordable housing options compared to other capital cities, and limitless employment opportunities. The inner and surrounding suburbs are also gaining a lot of popularity among property investors and home buyers. All are renowned for top-notch facilities, best schools, medical facilities and entertainment hubs. If you are planning to buy or rent a house in Adelaide’s lifestyle rich suburb, do thorough research in advance. You can book good Adelaide removalists at least 7 weeks before your final moving day and pack your belongings. This will give you enough time to decide the best suburb to live in, depending on your specific requirements and preferences. Here is a list of 10 most promising and liveable suburbs in Adelaide that can uplift your existing living standard.

1. North Brighton

A beachside suburb is located 13 kilometres south of the Central Business District. It is home to Brighton Secondary School, the top-rated secondary school in South Australia. It is a perfect suburb for families, young couples and retired people. North Brighton is best known for its fine dining restaurants, lively community centres, lush-green parks and spacious homes. There is a local shopping street, boutiques, cafes and other entertainment hubs close to the residential area. You can live in a beach house and enjoy eye-pleasing views every day. The median price is around $ 825,000, and the average rent is $550 per week for a 3-bedroom house. According to stats, more than 90 per cent of residents have great education facilities within the close vicinity. You can also visit parklands and other entertainment hubs using public transport. You can plan your move to this beautiful suburb with your family and enjoy a quality life.

2. North Adelaide

Nestled within the Adelaide Park Lands and north of the River Torrens, North Adelaide boasts cultural and entertainment hubs, culinary delights, cafe houses, shopping complexes, and more. The suburb is ideal for young families, students and retired couples. It has two prominent universities, world-class schools, healthcare facilities and shopping centres. The locals of North Adelaide love the vibrant atmosphere and always keep active at Adelaide Aquatic Centre. The median price for a 3-bedrooms house is $1,213,000, and the average rent is $638 per week. The suburb offers affordable and accessible public transport, such as buses, trains and ferries. You can move to this wonderful suburb with the help of the best removalists in Adelaide for the safety of your household belongings. After finalising the location, you can start the process by considering room by room packing checklist for your move.

3. Henley Beach South

It is one of the most liveable suburbs, located 9 kilometres west of Adelaide’s Central Business District. Being a coastal suburb, Henley Beach South offers beautiful landscapes, high-rise apartments, spacious villas and cottages. The median house price is $1,150,000, and the average rent is $630/PW. There is also a local shopping street, parklands and other entertainment hubs close to the residential area. Henley Beach South also offers green space, the best schools, medical centres, restaurants and clubs. It is good to plan your home relocation at least 8 weeks prior to your final moving day.

4. Prospect

Fringed between Victorian and Edwardian homes, Prospect is a family-oriented suburb offering high-quality amenities, lively community centres, stylish cafes, grocery stores, and boutiques. Located 5 km north of the CBD, the suburb offers contemporary townhouses, million-dollar mansions, bungalows, high-rise apartments, and spacious homes. The average house price in Prospect is $804,000, while the median rent is $475 per week. The suburb boasts several schools, Rosary School, Private Roman Catholic School, and various primary schools. You can move to this place if you are moving to Adelaide with your school-aged kids.

5. Glenelg

Glenelg is a beachside suburb located on the shore of Holdfast Bay in the Gulf of St Vincent. The golden beaches, heartbreaking landscapes, vibrant night scene, clubs and pubs make this suburb a tourist destination. The suburb has become its most energetic and youthful place-thanks to fine-dining restaurants, stylish cafes, shopping streets, boutiques and much more. Glenelg offers spacious residential properties, high-rise buildings and apartments, and high-end amenities. The median house price is $1,575,000, and the average rent is $563 per week. You can also explore the sports complexes, amusement parks, the wastewater treatment plant and various entertainment hubs.

6. Salisbury

It is one of the most liveable suburbs in Adelaide and ideal for families with kids, young couples, working professionals and retired people. Salisbury offers a tranquil atmosphere and best-rated schools, spacious housing options and lush-green parks. The affordability is also higher as compared to other suburbs in South Australia. The median property price for a 3-bedroom house is $364,500, and the average rent is $335 per week – which is very economical. You can move to this laidback suburb with the help of the seasoned removalists in Adelaide and achieve great outcomes. If you have school-going kids, make sure you know how to move schools when moving house. This will make things easy for you.

7. Kensington

Located a few kilometres away from the city centre, Kensington is a small suburb offering high-class local amenities, excellent public transport, affordable houses, restaurants, cafes, schools, and healthcare facilities. In Kensington, all residents have easy access to parklands, schools and medical facilities. From quirky diagonal streets to green parks, you will find everything in this small place. Buying a house is also affordable because the median property price is $760,000 for a 3-bedroom house. You can also look for the rental property if you are running low on budget. The average rent is estimated at around $500 per week.

8. Bowden

Renowned for its eclectic nightlife and dining scene, Bowden is one of Adelaide’s most developed inner southern suburbs, South Australia. It boasts of a great amalgamation of modern-age apartments as well as vintage cottages and villas. The median house price in Bowden is $690,000, and the average rent is $473 per week. The suburb also has its own train station and tram line- offer easy and affordable commutation facilities to residents.

9. Windsor Gardens

It is the most prominent suburb in Adelaide, offering new and affordable residential properties within proximity to schools, hospitals and other amenities. Windsor Gardens is ideal for retirees, families with kids, singles, professionals and young couples. If you are planning to relocate, Windsor Gardens is an ideal location for you. The median house price is $585,000, and the rent is $425 per week- which is affordable. The suburb also offers great entertainment facilities for young people and kids.

10. Semaphore

Nestled 14 kilometres north-west of the city centre, Semaphore is a seaside suburb offering great amenities and a laid-back environment to residents. The suburb is known for its well-preserved heritage buildings, modern-age houses, parklands, top-notch schools and medical facilities. The median house price is $805,000, and the average rent is $465 per week.


Moving to a new place is always challenging, especially if you have kids. It is important to consider the local amenities, lifestyle, education facilities, work opportunities, community and healthcare options before making the final decisions. The suburbs mentioned above in the article are the most liveable places in Adelaide. You can do further market research and hire the best removalists in Adelaide for your home relocation journey.