Where To Find Cheap Cardboard Boxes For Moving

Where To Find Cheap Cardboard Boxes For Moving

Jul 19, 2023

Moving homes is a tough task and can strain your wallet because you have to arrange moving supplies, book a rental truck, pay for insurance, and arrange fuel surcharges and storage options.

Thus, finding ways to save on moving costs is important to stay within your budget and spend less money. One of the best ways to do this is by using cheap or free cardboard boxes that are still sturdy and in good shape.

You can purchase these for cheaper prices from online groups, retail stores or grocery stores or get them for free from recycling units and community groups.

If you are hiring professional removalists in Adelaide, you can ask them for used or free moving boxes that they have in bulk. Here are some of the best places and ways to find cheap cardboard boxes for your next move: 

Where To Find Cheap Cardboard Moving Boxes 

1. Online Marketplaces: Facebook And Amazon

Online marketplaces like Facebook and Amazon have great deals and discounts on moving supplies and kits. You can purchase these for a low price or get them for free by posting an advertisement stating that you need moving boxes.

But always be cautious when using these sites and see if the boxes are sturdy and in good condition before agreeing to buy or pick them up for free. Removalists in Adelaide recommend that you look for good wardrobe boxes and ones with lids that will help you keep your heavy items and clothes safe.


You can also look for storage boxes and moving bins on these online marketplaces.

2. Offices And Workplaces: Paper And Stationery Boxes

You can also ask your office or a nearby workplace if they have any unused or old moving boxes they might not need. Most of these offices get shipments in the morning and discard their boxes immediately, so call and ask in advance or speak to your managers. You can even visit the waste centre near these offices to check for discarded boxes.

3. Recycling Centres: Get Free Moving Boxes

Recycling centres are one of the best places to get free moving boxes as they have plenty of used and discarded boxes in good shape. Talk to the recycling facilities in your area and ask them if they have the type of boxes you need for your move. You might also find some moving supplies and packing paper for your boxes.

4. Grocery And Liquor Stores: Boxes With Compartments

Another great place to get cheap or free moving boxes in Adelaide is your local grocery or liquor store. These stores get shipments daily and break down and discard their boxes at the end of the day. You can ask them for used or old boxes with lids and compartments to store your fragile and glass items in them. Ensure you inspect the boxes for any damages or marks on the sides so your belongings can be packed safely.


Here are some useful packing hacks when you use these moving boxes.

5. Fast Food Chains: Smaller-Sized Sturdy Boxes

If you are looking for smaller and sturdier boxes, ask your fast-food restaurant chains for the same. Most chains transport their fries in small boxes with lids and reuse or discard them. These fries are frozen, so there is no oil or grease on the boxes; thus, they stay in good shape. You can ask your fast food chain for these boxes and the time when they will be delivered so you can come to pick them up accordingly.

6. U Haul: Moving Boxes From Recent Relocations

U Haul is another great place to find moving boxes, as it has a community connection where you can type in your zip code and city and find people who have recently moved to Adelaide. You can then contact these people, ask them for the kind of boxes you need, and go in person to pick them up. Most people are ready to discard these boxes for free after shifting homes.

Some Additional Tips 

  • Ask your family and friends if they have leftover moving boxes from their recent relocation.
  • Talk to your removalists in Adelaide and ask them if they rent or give away good-quality moving boxes.
  • Speak to your local community centre and ask them about people who are moving soon or have moved so you can contact them to purchase their moving boxes.
  • Look for retail store outlets as they get shipments on certain days and break down and recycle these boxes.
  • Ask your bookstores and local coffee shops if they have any moving boxes they do not need.
  • Go on online classifieds and search in the free listings for moving boxes and packing supplies as well.
  • Make sure you double-wrap each moving box you purchase or get for free to ensure they keep your belongings safe.


Here are some other ways you can save money when moving on a low budget.


The above stores, online marketplaces, and communities will help you find cheap cardboard boxes to lower your moving costs. Ensure you inspect all the boxes before putting your belongings in them and label each one so it is easier to unpack them in your new home.