Why Moving Next Door Isn’t As Easy As It Sounds?

Why Moving Next Door Isn’t As Easy As It Sounds?

Jun 21, 2023

Do you plan to shift homes in Adelaide but want to keep living in your current neighbourhood? Then you must start browsing houses near you or ones that are a few blocks down. But while it may sound convenient and quicker to move next door, this relocation also has its own hurdles.

For instance, you will still be living in the same colony, so you will have to deal with the same noisy or pesky neighbours and try to get along.

Also, no matter how close your new home may be, you will still have to pack your belongings and move everything in time.

You can always get professional removalists in Adelaide to help you with the relocation, as these experts will handle your packing and moving while you complete your other tasks. To understand why moving next door might not seem as easy as it sounds, read on below: 

Reasons Why Moving Next Door Is Not Easy

1. Can Be Hard To Find A Home Within Your Budget

Even though you might be staying in the same neighbourhood, your home and other homes on the block may have different prices and real estate rates. This is because each home will have a different layout, floor structure, features and facilities that make it unique. So, you might need help finding a home near yours that matches your budget.

2. Might Involve A Lot Of Legal Hurdles

Moving homes is already a strenuous task as you have to organise your home, declutter extra items and pack and move your belongings. To add to these tasks, you might also have to deal with legal hurdles when moving next door.

These include complying with the zoning laws, the rules of incorporated associations and other restrictions. You will not be able to cut corners when you move in the same neighbourhood as you are already familiar with these rules and must comply with them.

3. You Will Still Have To Pack And Move Items

Even though you are moving next door or just down the block, you will still have to declutter your home, plan a successful garage sale to sell extra belongings and pack each item carefully.

It might seem easy to lift these boxes and move them next door, but you will take multiple trips and waste time and energy. It is better to hire local removalists in Adelaide for this move so they can load your belongings in one go and move them quickly.

4. Moving Bulky Furniture Items On Your Own Can Cause Injuries

Since you are moving next door, you might want to move your belongings on your own. But if you try to move heavy and bulky furniture items like pianos and beds or dining tables on your own, it might lead to injuries and accidents. Thus, it is best to let professional removalists in Adelaide handle this, as these experts are well-trained in lifting and moving these items without damaging them and have advanced equipment like dollies and racks to load them easily.


You can also ask your furniture removalists in Adelaide to pack and disassemble these heavy-duty items so they are safe while moving.

5. Your Neighbours Can Get Disturbed By The Moving Process

If you have lived in the colony for a while and have fussy neighbours, you might need help moving next door. This is because you will have to get a vehicle to load your belongings and use equipment to unload your items. If you are doing this on your own, it might take a lot of time and effort and cause a lot of noise and disturbance in the neighbourhood.

It is better to let professionals handle this move as they can quickly load and unload your belongings without disturbing your neighbours. You can also inform your neighbours of the move and tell them when you will be moving, and what parking spaces you will need so they can be prepared. 

Some Tips To Help Make This Move Easier

  • You must avoid these packing mistakes to keep your items safe while on the move.
  • Prepare a list of your moving tasks to stay on top of this short-distance relocation.
  • Throw a housewarming party for your neighbours so you can get to know them better.
  • Keep a bag of essential items for the first few days of the move.
  • Ask for the keys to your new home in advance to start setting up all the utilities and get renovations and repairs done.
  • Complete other tasks like changing your address and gather your important documents. 


Moving next door might sound like an easy task, but it involves a lot of careful planning, packing and moving your belongings and maintaining good terms with your neighbours. It is always a good idea to hire local removalists to help you with this move so that you can complete this relocation process faster and more efficiently.