Why The Cheapest Removalists Aren’t Always The Best Choice

Why The Cheapest Removalists Aren’t Always The Best Choice

Jan 11, 2021

When you decide to move, there are several things that you need to consider and your budget remains at the top of that list. You would want to reduce the overall cost of moving, and that can tempt you to hire a company that offers the cheapest quote. However, this tactic can backfire, and it can turn your moving process into a complete mess.

Therefore, instead of looking for the cheapest removalists, you should always look for affordable removalists in Adelaide. They make sure that you relocate smoothly and your belongings remain safe throughout the process. So, take your time to research about the removals company and choose the one that offers service which is value for money. To avoid the Cheapest moving company, first, you should know the reason.

Read on to know more about why the cheapest removalists aren’t always the best choice.

They Might Not Have a Proper Affiliation and Licence

One of the main reasons why the cheapest removalists aren’t always the best choice is because most of them do not have a proper license or affiliation. If you are moving to a different city or state, then your moving must have the license to move interstate.

Moreover, such moving companies are not affiliated with the Australian Furniture Removers Association. AFRA affiliate only those removals companies that have the necessary equipment, vehicles, and trained staff. So, when you are doing your research, pay attention to AFRA affiliation and license.

They Can Damage Your Belongings

Perhaps the biggest reason why people take help of the professionals is, they have expertise in handling, packing, loading and transporting your belongings. Then not only pack the fragile items with utmost care but also load the heavy and costly furniture into the moving truck carefully.

However, when you opt for a company that offers the cheapest quote, you cannot rely on their professionals. Their inexperienced professionals won’t be able to take care of your belongings, and you are likely to end up with some damaged items.

They Might Ask for Hidden Charges

You might be thinking that by hiring the cheapest removalists you can save a lot of money during the move. However, this can be a huge mistake because such companies quote the lowest price only to attract customers.

They apply various hidden charges, and as a result of that, you end up paying way more than what you have calculated. A reputed moving company in Adelaide never have hidden charges, so they never quote you the lowest price or discounts that are too good to believe.

They Might not be Trained and Verified

A removals company that quotes the lowest price usually don’t have their own staff. They hire people on a contract basis, so they are least concerned about providing any training to them. As a result of that, you cannot expect quality service from them.

More importantly, their temporary staff is also not police verified. It can be a serious threat for you, your family and the belongings. That is the biggest difference with a reputed company who never compromise on the cost but make sure that their staff is appropriately trained and police checked.

Least Concerned About the Quality of the Service

Such removals companies are least concerned about the quality of their service. All they want is to attract the customers with their tricks so they can get the money. They add different charges to increase the cost and do not pay attention to the requirements of the customers.

They neither have experience of relocation nor the skills that are required. Such companies set short term goals and do not care whether their customers are satisfied or not. For a reliable removals company in Adelaide, customer satisfaction is everything.

Do Not Have Informative Website and Physical Address

An informative website is a sign of a reputed company, while the physical address ensures that the company is genuine. The cheapest removalists usually don’t have an informative website because they don’t want customers to know about them and the service they offer. Some of these companies do not even have a physical address. It means if any unfortunate incident takes place and they are not picking up your call, you have nowhere to go.

Unfriendly Nature of the Professionals

The behaviour of the professionals also speaks a lot about the standard of the company. As the removalists of the cheapest moving company do not get any training, they do not show any courtesy to their clients. If you contact the customer support team of such company, you will find that they lack the knowledge and have an unfriendly nature. On the other hand, the reputed removalists in Adelaide have a friendly nature and measured behaviour.

The Endnote

The reasons mentioned above explains why the cheapest removalists aren’t always the best choice. When you are moving, it is perfectly fine to look for ways to reduce the overall cost, but hiring a company that quote the lowest quotes is not the right way. Look for affordable but reliable removalists and compare what services you are getting for the money you will spend.