Moving During Different Seasons: Pros And Cons

Moving During Different Seasons: Pros And Cons

Jun 18, 2024

Weather plays one of the crucial roles when determining the success of home relocation. Different seasons affect the process in different ways, physically and mentally. While extreme weather conditions make packing and transporting belongings difficult, pleasant, sunny days can give you peace of mind.

Renowned moving companies in Adelaide also understand the perks and limitations involved in different seasons and thus offer pricing accordingly. If you are relocating household belongings for the first time, conduct proper research on the weather forecast and choose the most suitable day for a safe and hassle-free move.

Here is a comprehensive guide to help you understand the pros and cons of moving during different seasons. It will help you know how each season can affect your journey so that you can prepare accordingly.

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1. Pros and Cons of Moving During Summer

Summer is undeniably one of the most popular seasons for home relocation in Adelaide. It has some advantages as well as disadvantages to look for:


  • Pleasant Weather: Summers in Adelaide are generally dry and warm. The high temperature may range from 26 to 28 °C, making it perfect for outdoor packing and unpacking tasks. No rain, moisture or snow can affect the packing materials while keeping your items intact.
  • Summer Holidays: Families with children can make the most of school holidays and relocate to the new place without causing any hindrance to their kid’s school routine. You can also get enough time to find the best school for your kids and settle in your new house.
  • Longer Daylight Hours: Experts believe that summers provide more time to complete the packing/unpacking, loading/unloading and settling tasks effectively and efficiently due to longer daylight hours.


  • Expensive Removals Cost: Summer is a popular season for moving house, so the costs are slightly higher. The higher demand for the best removalists in Adelaide can potentially raise their service charges. Therefore, it is good to book experts at least 4-6 weeks before your moving day.
  • Heat-Related Health Concerns: The scorching sun can cause heat exhaustion, dehydration, and dizziness when packing household items or loading heavy boxes onto the truck.
  • Limited Availability: It becomes difficult to book the preferred removals company or find affordable storage units due to higher demand during the peak season.

2. Relocating House During Autumn: Pros and Cons

young man with a cardboard box during a move

This can also be a very good season for home relocation. However, there are certain perks and drawbacks to consider:


  • Perfect Weather for Preparations: Autumn is considered the best time to prepare and relocate homes. The season is pretty mild, with minimal chances of rain and extreme conditions. This makes it ideal for packing and loading all types and sizes of belongings.
  • Easy to Book Professional Removals: Fall is not a peak season for removalists in Adelaide. This allows you to hire a good company who can easily move your heavy furniture at the most affordable price. There is also a high chance of scheduling a preferred moving date.
  • Low Chances of Rain: Compared to winter, fall experiences less rain. This can reduce the risk of delays due to bad weather.


Short Days: As autumn rolls in, daylight hours start to decrease. This gives you less time on a bright day to pack and organise the entire process, which can cause delays and mishandling of items.

3. Benefits and Limitations of Moving During Winters

Winter can be a good option for a house move, but it is not necessarily ideal. Have a look at the following aspects before making the final decision:


Lower Moving Costs: Winters in Adelaide are considered the off-season for relocation. That’s why you can easily find budget removalists in Adelaide without a hint of stress. Make sure you compare multiple quotes and ask necessary questions about discounts and additional services to make a well-informed decision.

Mild Winters: The winter season in the city is known for being mild compared to other parts of the nation. This means you can enjoy outdoor packing and unpacking under the sun.


  • Freezing Temperatures: Colder weather can sometimes make it difficult to pack and relocate household belongings.
  • Increases Potential Injury Risks: Cold and snow come hand in hand during winters. This can make the pathways slippery, leading to injuries and falls when carrying bulky belongings. The moisture can also damage your items packed in cardboard boxes.

4. Pros and Cons of Relocating in Spring

Spring in the city offers a great blend of pleasant weather and bright daylight. Have a look at the key benefits and demerits:


  • Apt Weather for a House Move: Spring is best known for its comfortable temperatures. This means you can easily pack your belongings and maneuver your furniture outdoors.
  • Extended Daylight: Spring days are longer, offering more daylight than in the winter season. Use that extra time to complete all the important tasks and reduce last-minute chaos.
  • Flexible Schedule and Affordable Pricing: The demand for professional removalists in Adelaide is comparatively low during springtime. So, this is the perfect time to book the most preferred company at the most reasonable price. The best thing is that you can schedule the moving day as per your comfort.

Tip: It is important to consider important tips to reduce the risk of hiring cheap moving companies.


  • Unpredictable Weather: Spring is the season of occasional drizzles and windy spells. These can cause a lot of damage on moving day. An unexpected rain shower can ruin your belongings, while windy spells can lead to serious injuries.
  • Allergy-Prone Season: People with allergies should avoid moving during spring. De-cluttering household belongings and other tasks can worsen symptoms.
  • Difficulty in School Transfer: The academic year during spring is still ongoing, making it difficult for kids to transfer to a new school. They will have less time to understand and adjust to the new place. Instead, prepare for the school transfer at least 2-3 months before the final moving date.

Pros and Cons of Moving House During Different Seasons

moving house during different seasons

Wrapping Up

Each season has its own perks and limitations. Summer can be an ideal season if you want longer day hours for preparations. However, it can be extremely hot and humid. Similarly, winters can offer professional service at an affordable price, but there is a chance of injury or delays due to extreme winter conditions. So, it is best to check the forecast and plan your move ahead of time.